Shutting The Door On Mold Allergies

Shutting The Door On Mold Allergies

People with allergies can have the sneezing and coughing they endure triggered by mold. This is a crafty enemy since it can hide in dark moist places and affect the breathing and general health of even people who don’t suffer with allergic reactions. If you have allergies, one of the worst things you’ll notice about this common nuisance is it’s not just restricted to the basement but can grow on the tiles in your washroom, around your windows and in a variety of other places.

Even going outside is no guarantee for allergy relief. Mold can hide on rotting wood and decaying leaves and hitch a ride back into your house on the bottom of your shoes.

So what’s to be done if you’re an allergy suffer? A runny nose or itchy watery eyes might only be the surface of the problem because exposure to any kind of mold can create more serious health problems in the long run. Understanding what you’re up against starts with getting some knowledge on your side.

What You’re Up Against

First off, as an industry leader in Albuquerque mold removal, we want you to understand that mold is actually useful. That’s right, a company that calls itself New Mexico Mold Removal is actually saying the reason you need to run to the store for extra boxes of Kleenex has a place in the natural world. Let us explain.

Mother Nature has a great way of recycling dead plant matter into new and beautiful foliage. Mold is a big part of that because it is a fungus that breaks down things that have died in the plant world. It travels around through tiny spores and that’s where all the allergic reactions come into play.ta03282016iimg_2880goldenbrew

How You Know If Mold Is The Culprit

Do you have watery eyes and a runny nose? How about that annoying postnasal drip and a persistent cough? Unfortunately, the confusing thing about having a mold allergy is the symptoms are often the same as a bad reaction to something else like dog hair or smoke. So, if you think that dark spot on the basement wall is the reason you are so uncomfortable, seeing an allergist might be the best route to pin the culprit down.

Keep in mind that regardless of where this fungus is hiding in your house, we have a solution that will have you enjoying your indoor atmosphere again in no time. At New Mexico Mold Removal, we even go so far as to test the affected area after the work is done to make sure there is no lingering problem. We even take the extra step of making sure the location is dry and sealed so mold can’t find its way back in.

Don’t Let Outdoor Mold Come Visiting

Although many of the issues our customers face come about because mold has created a beachhead and established itself in their homes, a lot of the problem can actually walk in right through your front door. Although it can multiply at any time of the year, the summer and fall are two of the peak seasons when mold is looking to hitch a ride indoors on your shoes.

You can keep this nuisance away from your front door by cleaning out gutters and getting rid of standing water in your yard. Raking up those leaves is another good idea. There are a few ways that you can make sure you leave the mold outside when you shut your door and here’s a few suggestions to help you breathe easier:

  • These spores really enjoy hitching a ride on the bottom of your shoes so you should always take off your boots and sneakers right at the door to stop mold in its tracks.
  • Investing in a dehumidifier for a damp basement makes the basement of your house an uninviting hiding spot for mold. The exhaust fan in your bathroom is another way to scare these spores off permanently and you should remember to clean up any soap scum in that room so they don’t have a place to breed.

If you are allergic to mold and suffering we are here to help you with any inside problems you’re having with our comprehensive Albuquerque mold removal techniques. These include our filtration and removal system that uses HEPA filters.

Paying attention to the levels of spores outside is part of a good plan to lessen your exposure. The National Allergy Bureau will even send out special email alerts to help you deal with seasonally high levels.

Other Places To Watch And Things To Do

Always try to keep in mind that mold isn’t just a problem under your roof. There are many other places where the spores like to take up residence like in antique shops and green houses. If you know you’re going to be traveling to one of these places, bringing some allergy medication or a dust mask is a good idea so you don’t turn a fun trip into a bad reaction.

Monitoring the inside of your house can help. The humidity in your house needs to be between 35 and 50% and you can buy a cheap hydro-meter at your local hardware store to keep an eye on those levels. It’s also a good idea to look for mold in those little hiding spaces the spores love like kitchen refrigerator drip pans and garbage pails.

Mold removal in Albuquerque is one of the most important parts of any battle plan you should put together to fight mold allergies. We are the professionals that are on call 24/7 to better serve you. Our services are thorough and complete. We start by testing all the surfaces and the quality of the air so that no mold spores go undetected. Our company will take the time to put together a plan that will eradicate the mold in your house and make sure that it doesn’t return.

Why not get in touch with us to shut the door on mold today?