Mold Inspection and Removal in Albuquerque

Mold Inspection and Removal in Albuquerque

What is Mold?

Mold is the most common type of fungi that can be found growing in our homes. It is commonly found growing on rotten food articles like fruits, vegetables, bread, etc. Mold growth in a house can lead to production of allergens in the air and may cause bad effects on the health of the residents. It can easily spread in the house and also does it quickly. Thus, it is very important for the mold to be properly detected and removed from the residential environment to prevent such health effects.

Common Misconceptions and Reality

It is commonly claimed by many Albuquerque mold removal services is that they can remove 100% of mold from the house. But it is not possible to have a home totally free from the mold as the spores of mold are always present in the atmosphere and are so minute that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. They occur naturally in the air everywhere; indoors as well as outdoors. These spores float around in the air of the room and can easily enter the room through windows, air vents, HVAC systems, etc., similar entries into the room. So, making the room 100% free of mold is impossible.

Mold thrives in moist environment and like fungus grows on rotting food items or any other decaying organic matter in the room. The spores remain suspended in the air, all dormant, till they are in the right condition for their growth to be possible. A humid and warm climate is the best condition for the growth of mold and so the many Albuquerque mold inspection companies firstly check for any sources of water or humidity in the room. The presence of heat above the normal room temperature in the room should also be checked for and appropriate insulation and temperature control systems must be installed. Presence of mold can be detected easily as it produces a strong musty odor.

What to do?

Calling for a mold removal company is the best way to treat and remove mold growth because that way the mold can be removed professionally and the mold can be treated properly. Before any remediation to be done, all the sources of water and humidity must be blocked to prevent any chances of growth of the mold. Then the microbial specialist kills the growing mold and uses appropriate chemicals to prevent any further growth of the mold at the place in the near future. Then the water damage is restored by the technician and the surface is rebuilt on which the mold had grown. In the end the humidity control in the room is taken care of by the using of various drying techniques and preventing any water leakages into the room. This will prevent the growth of mold but it is the responsibility of the residents of taking care of the room to prevent any further growth.

Growth of mold in a house can lead to a bad health of the residents and it can lead to many allergies. The growth can be prevented easily if good measures are taken to prevent to curb the growth. But the damaged parts of the home where the fungus has grown on must be cleared and repaired professionally to guarantee no growth of mold in the house.