Mold – Health Effects and Prevention

Mold – Health Effects and Prevention

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Mold is caused by a type of fungus which is present everywhere including the air. The normal amounts of mold don’t pose any health risk to the people with regular immune system. However, many people are sensitive to the mold spore and may cause respiratory issues after inhaling even a small amount of mold spores. When mold spores are inhaled in more quantity, even the healthiest person gets infected. So one need to hire an Albuquerque mold removal company to help remove and prevent mold growth.

Health Risk Caused By Mold

In general, the black mold is the toxic mold that can cause severe health issues to people who inhale them as it releases mycotoxins, a toxic substance that a fungus produces. Some of the health issues caused by mold include

1. headaches

2. nosebleeds

3. aches and pains

4. memory loss

5. changes in mood

Allergy And Irritation

Comparing to others, the person who has allergies will be more sensitive to mold. If they come into contact with mold, they may experience symptoms, such as:

1. skin rashes

2. a dry cough

3. a blocked or runny nose

4. red, watery eyes

5. sore throat

6. wheezing

7. sinusitis

The mold allergies can even cause severe symptom like shortness of breath. To avoid the health issues caused by mold, hire an Albuquerque mold removal company without delay.


People having good and healthy immune system can withstand mold for more extend. But, the people with weak immune system or those affected by diseases and patients undergoing transplant, cancer treatment, etc. are at risk of the infection caused by the mold.

How To Prevent Mold?

To prevent the mold growth in home or commercial area, one needs to monitor the humidity level in the building. It should be no higher than 50% throughout the day. To prevent mold, one can take the following steps:

1. Add mold inhibitors to paints to stop mold growth on walls and ceilings.

2. Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom or open windows to improve ventilation.

3. Clean the bathroom regularly and tackle mold and mildew as soon as it appears.

4. Make sure to avoid carpets in the bathroom, basement, and kitchen.

5. Dispose of flood-damaged carpets.

6. Recycle old newspapers and books, since if get damp, they can become moldy quickly.

7. Regular Albuquerque mold inspection should be done for signs of water damage and mold.

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