How Professional Mold Removal Protects Your Health

How Professional Mold Removal Protects Your Health

Mold grows in your home or workplace for a variety of reasons. It thrives in damp spaces, so bathrooms, basements, and other spaces with elevated humidity levels provide breeding grounds for it to develop and expand. It also penetrates, moving beyond the visible surfaces and extending into porous materials like wood and concrete. And when mold develops, many people develop health issues as a result.

Wiping down surfaces removes the appearance of mold, but even when you use bleach, it might not eliminate the threat, and may even make it worse. Professional Mold Removal Service goes beyond cosmetic fixes and takes the problem out of your home. As a result, it can have tremendous protective impact on your health, and that of your family or your employees.

Protects Your Respiratory System

The most common health concerns mold creates come to respiratory health. In homes and other buildings where mold is present, people report symptoms similar to what seasonal allergies produce: stuffy or runny noses, shortness of breath, wheezing, and eye and skin irritation. These usually are not life threatening, but can certainly be nuisances for anyone occupying that building. Further, it tends to weaken the immune system and leave people vulnerable to other illnesses. In the home, it means you and your family may be less active and spend more time sick. At work, it leads to absenteeism and more sick days for your work force.

When you wipe away mold that gathers on the surfaces of your space, it may look better. In reality, though, you simply remove visual evidence of mold that continues to infiltrate that space—both underneath the surfaces and in the air. Unfortunately, this means it moves more quickly and directly into the respiratory system, creating more problems than it solves for you and those around you.

Professional mold removal includes not only removing the visible mold on walls, counters, and wood, but filtering it out of the air and removing it from, or extracting, woodwork and other materials with mold expanding inside. The work is detailed and intense; it requires a systematic approach of testing, analysis, removal, and re-testing. But when the work is done, the space is clean and clear of mold. The symptoms you and your family or team have experienced clear up,and you all breathe freely again.

Helps Prevent Infections

For some individuals, the health concerns move beyond basic respiratory issues. If mold remains in your home or work space, some people develop lung infections and other more serious conditions. This particularly affects younger children and older adults, but can hit others as well. The symptoms tend initially to be similar to the allergy-like symptoms described above,but can become more intense over time. The longer the mold persists in your space, the more severe infections and other illnesses can become.

Again, it comes back to the condition of the air you are breathing. The presence of mold on the surface itself is not what creates health problems. Rather, when people inhale the spores in the air, the mold moves inside the lungs and can produce infections and illnesses in otherwise healthy people. Mold looks unsightly on the walls and woodwork, and can create structural problems when you allow it to grow there. But it is the invisible side of the problem that can give problems to your health.

This is why your mold removal work should be best left to professionals. If it were as simple as disinfecting every place that you see it growing, anyone with protective gear would be able to take care of the job themselves. M Builders goes to the heart of the problem by detecting mold spores moving through the air and growing beyond where the visible signs lie. We then use air
filtration equipment to remove those spores from the air and clean it up for you. Hiding the problem is counterproductive; we get rid of it for you.

Helps Prevent Recurrences

Of course, you need more than the removal of mold in the moment. The problem with this kind of infiltration in your space is that it tends to come back. When you clear the air and the surfaces on which mold has been growing, you take care of it for the moment. If you stop there,though, the respiratory symptoms you and your family or employees have developed will barely have time to clear up before they start coming back again. The cycle of mold recurrences can be very difficult to escape when you try to go it alone.

Professional mold removal focuses on more than just the present. M Builders goes deeper,testing and taking care of the problem as far into your woodwork and structure in your building as needed. Some kinds of surfaces, especially steel and other metals, prevent mold from sinking in deep. Others, though, like wood and concrete, can be compromised and require removal and replacement to eliminate mold from your home or workplace. We identify the extent of the problem and the work required to resolve it, and develop a plan with you to take care of it all.

In addition, we can recommend and take steps to change the conditions that allowed the mold to grow. Damp spaces and materials foster mold growth; thus, using different materials as replacements and using dehumidifying equipment can help prevent its return. You don’t just want to reset to your starting point. Rather, you should strive to improve the space so you can truly prevent the problem from returning.

Mold removal requires a diligent, careful process to do more than get rid of the appearance or even the current presence in the air of mold spores. When you go it alone, you might get your space looking better, or even feeling better. But unless you fully eliminate mold from the space and take steps to keep it out, the improvement will be temporary. Count on M Builders for Professional Mold Removal Service that keeps you and your family or work force healthy.