Reasons to Get a Mold Inspection before Purchasing a New Home

Reasons to Get a Mold Inspection before Purchasing a New Home

Do you want to buy a house with a mold problem? Absolutely no! No one wants to invest in a house that has serious structural damage. So, whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced homeowner, you must be aware of what you are paying for before you purchase a new home.

Did you know the presence of active mold can negatively affect the resale value of any property? So, before buying a new home, you must consider getting an Albuquerque mold inspection. This helps you to prevent the expensive cleanup and potential health risks of mold contamination.

Mold growth is commonly found in areas including,

  • 1. Around leaking pipes, windows, or roofs
  • 2. Basements or other places that have flooded and haven’t been thoroughly dried
  • 3. Tightly sealed buildings which trap excess moisture inside
  • 4. Homes with poor ventilation, numerous over-watered houseplants, and housekeeping habits that ignore obvious dampness and don’t include airing the place out.

Mold Growth and Health Risks

Some people are very sensitive to mold and may cause a variety of health effects including nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, skin irritation, and more. People with low immunity and obstructive lung disease are found to get serious infection in their lungs when exposed to mold.

In some people, even minimal exposure to mold can cause an asthma attack and other health-related issues. Toxic mycotoxins produced by active mold causes more severe reactions and even death.

Mold Detection

The mold removal professionals perform different tests to find out the growth of mold in the home. Some of them are listed below:

  • 1. Air Testing: Air testing is a pre-testing dome by the professionals to determine the presence of mold spores. This test will help you determine the level of mold in your house.
  • 2. Lift Tape Test: This process involves pasting a piece of tape to a surface in the room where we believe mold to be present. When the tape is removed, the mold spores will become stuck to the tape, and the collected spores are contained carefully for further analyzing.
  • 3. Tape Swab: This test is done to determine the type of mold spores present in the home and is used less frequently in mold testing and removal projects.

Once the mold testing is done, the professionals will carry out the Albuquerque mold removal process. They will use containment techniques to prevent the spread of mold while killing and removing the mold and fungus from the affected area.

So, if you are planning to buy a new home, contact your mold removal company in Albuquerque to find out mold growth and remove it.