Mold Inspection and Remediation – Catch the Killer in Your Home

Mold Inspection and Remediation – Catch the Killer in Your Home

Mold is common and significantly found in places that are dark and moist. The presence of mold can be distressing and can cause severe health problems in human. According to the recent health reports, children and the elderly are most likely to have an adverse reaction to an interior space that has been colonized by mold. The presence of mycotoxins leads to chronic inflammation issues in people. Some of the most common health issues caused by the presence of mold in your home are,

  • 1. Wheezing
  • 2. Skin irritation
  • 3. Sneezing
  • 4. Shortness of breath and
  • 5. Chronic headaches

Mold growth can cause respiratory distress on people with asthma and respiratory allergies. In addition to these, the new shocking reports also reveal that mold growth can increase a person’s risk of developing certain types of cancer. The most common among them are liver cancer and cancer in the respiratory system. So, it’s highly recommended to hire a mold removal company in Albuquerque to locate and eradicate mold growth from your living space.

Signs of Mold Infestation

  • 1. Bubbling and deformation of your walls, wall paint, and wallpapers
  • 2. Black marks on your wall are a definitive sign of a mold problem in your home
  • 3. Any dark marks or deformities on your roof isolation
  • 4. Marks in between the tiles
  • 5. Bad odor from your air-conditioning system

Mold Removal in Albuquerque

The Four-step Process

Mold Assessment and Containment

If you doubt mold infestation in your home, call the professionals right away to fix the issues immediately. They inspect your home and test the surfaces and air-quality to determine whether there are any traces of mold. Then, they will create a plan of remediation for Albuquerque mold removal. To prevent mold spores from spreading, they will close off the source of moisture and seal off contaminated areas.

Filtration and Removal

After the containment of the affected area, they work removing on the mold spores. They also remove porous surfaces with deep penetration by mold to eliminate lingering spores and prevent future growth and spreading in your home.

Drying and Repair

The professionals will dry the entire area thoroughly to avoid the return of mold spores. From working into surfaces to replacing any contaminated items with new contaminated parts, they do any repair work to eliminate the growth of mold spores.


After all the work is completed, the professionals will test the whole affected area to ensure complete eradication of mold growth. They also perform Albuquerque mold inspection to make sure that the area is dry and sealed to avoid new moisture that acts as a breeding place for new mold growth.