Expert’s Guide: When is Mold Inspection Really Needed?

Expert’s Guide: When is Mold Inspection Really Needed?

It seems like a standard practice that when you notice mold in your home or suspect there is mold, you will call an inspector who will carry out tests to find out if it is really mold and what kind of mold it is.

But have you ever stopped to ask if it is really necessary to carry out inspection and testing before the mold removal is done?

Many companies will not want to answer this question and you can probably guess that the answer does not suit their business interest and it means they will end up losing a vital source of income if they publicized this answer. The truth is if you can already see the mold on the wall, there is no need to inspect and test for mold. You just need to remove it according to the industry guidelines on removal of mold. This, however, does not mean inspection and testing are a waste of time altogether. It is mainly in a situation where the mold is already visible. Some so-called experts will tell you that the reason for testing is to know what kind of mold they are dealing with so that they can decide on the method for removal.

Again, the mold removal company is not being transparent with you. According to industry standards and guidelines, all mold needs to be treated in the same way so the method of removal is pretty much the same.

What if the Mold cannot be Seen?

Here is another case where you might end up wasting money but this time it is not on paying for testing. Many do-it-yourself testing kit manufacturers will have you believe that you can save money by doing the testing for mold yourself. These kits are a waste of your money because you are most likely going to get the same results all the time.

Research has shown that every home has a certain amount of mold in it so when you carry out the test on your own you will most certainly find traces of mold. The problem though is you are not likely to know where exactly it is and the amount. It is recommended that if you can smell mold but you cannot see it, you should have a professional mold inspection carried out. The tests done by these companies are more specific and they will be able to detect where the mold is and what may be causing it.

Here is when to Carry out Mold Testing

– When you want to ensure indoor air quality
– There are signs of the presence of mold but it cannot be seen, for example, the smell
– There was mold that has been removed and you want to ascertain if it has all been removed
– The place has water leaks that might cause mold to grow
– Preparing a home for handover to a new tenant
– A doctor or patient seems to suspect symptoms of mold like headaches, sneezing, and coughing

So consider these points before calling upon the best mold removal firm.