Affects of Mold

M Solutions – How Mold Affects Your Building

Mold grows when your home reaches high moisture levels. Absent a storm or a flood, this occurs most often in basements and crawl spaces. It can also develop in your ventilation system due to condensation from your air conditioning unit, and can spread quickly through your home or workplace as a result. The longer you leave it unchecked, the more extensive the problem becomes. Thus, calling your Albuquerque mold removal service provider at the first signs of trouble can save you time and money, and keep you healthier as well.

Kinds of Mold

When we talk about mold, it doesn’t consist of a single, monolithic threat. In fact, there are between 50 and 100 common kinds of molds that can affect your home or work buildings. The most common of these include the following:

• Alternaria
• Aspergillus
• Cladosporium
• Penecillium
• Stachybotrus chartarum

At M Solutions, we understand how the different types of mold can present themselves, and we use antimicrobial materials and disinfectants that can eliminate all of these from your home. This helps ensure that we are not treating the wrong problem, and that we quickly and effectively remove the mold threats that you face.

How Mold Affects Your Building
Potential Health Hazards

Potential Health Hazards

The health problems associated with mold in your home or workplace can seem almost innocuous at first. You may experience headaches, coughing, watery eyes, or other symptoms that feel like an ordinary cold or allergy attack. If you experience these symptoms or develop them most acutely in certain areas of your home, though, you may need to look for signs that mold is growing there. The symptoms often worsen over time, leading to deeper coughing, asthma attacks, breathing difficulties, and skin irritation. The longer you wait, the longer the symptoms will persist and worsen.

Even more than that, your ventilation system, in some ways your best friend in keeping your home comfortable, can spread mold spores to other areas of your building. Mold works deep into porous surfaces as well, presenting far more than a surface-level infiltration of your home. Identifying the problem early can be the key to keeping you and your family or employees healthy.

Protecting You and Yours

When you first start seeing problems, whether the signs are the physical appearance of mold or the symptoms described above, it is important to have your home or office inspected by experts at mold removal. M Solutions will give you a thorough inspection and an honest assessment of what you need to eliminate the threats that mold presents.

We will find and repair the sources of moisture in your home, remove the present threat, and set you up so you are protected well into the future from mold’s potential return to your living or working environment.

Protecting You and Yours

Your health and complete satisfaction are our top priorities